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Real estate closings as carefree as a day at the beach.

Seashore Title & Settlements is a professional, complete title and settlement service provider less than a mile from the oceanfront in Virginia Beach. Bathed in vibrant Caribbean colors and island decor, the office atmosphere is relaxed and our people welcoming. We’ve designed our business in a way that takes the anxiety out, and brings the fun and anticipation of your new home or business in. Owner/President Laura Beck has created a title and settlement business that takes the panic and headache out of what is an inherently complicated process.

As a paralegal responsible title work and closings in a large local law firm, Laura learned the ropes. After two decades, she also discovered that large corporate offices can be intimidating, especially for first time home buyers, and she wanted to do business another way. Since 2004 Laura and her staff have created a title and settlement business with a reputation for doing whatever it takes to get you to the closing table prepared and on time. They have done this while keeping the process simple, and the experience personal and fun.

We do more than get your closing paperwork complete. We do whatever possible to keep you comfortable with the details every step of the way. At Seashore Title & Settlements, by the time we get to closing, our hope is you feel like you’re sitting around your kitchen table, not under the glare of a corporate office.

-- Laura Beck Owner/President Seashore Title & Settlements

Seashore Title & Settlements • 1023 Laskin Road #102 • Virginia Beach, VA 23451 • (757) 233-6366

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