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Since 2004 Seashore Title & Settlements has built a reputation as the go-to Real Estate closing company for Realtors in Virginia Beach, Virginia and throughout the Hampton Roads area. Our company has been built from the ground up to service the needs of Realtors on both the buying and selling side with a unique understanding of what it takes to get from start to closing in the smoothest way possible and within the shortest time frame allowable under the circumstances of the deal.


We accomplish this through several unique ways that many law firms, title companies, closing companies, and settlement companies do not commonly practice:


Faster Disbursement - By utilizing the latest in technology, existing relationships with banks, lenders, and mortgage brokers, and our proprietary immediate communication technique we get everybody in the deal paid faster and more efficiently. Less waiting, less mistakes, and the keys in the buyer's hands faster. Nobody gets you to closing faster than Seashore Title.


Immediate Communication Technique - Through years of being in the business and continuing education we have developed the Seashore Title Immediate Communication Technique which creates zero lag time between each aspect of the deal being communicated and guarantees that no detail is forgotten. While we can't tell you every aspect of how this works, what we can tell you is that as soon as anything new regarding your deal is entered into the process it is immediately verified, processed, and handled at that time, not put on a to-do list, stuck in an inbox, or put on hold. Then, all parties on both sides are updated on the current status of that item in order to ensure everyone knows what is going on in real time. Our Immediate Communication Technique ensures that you can go to closing days earlier than with other companies. While it's not the least expensive way to do business and requires extra personnel, there is no higher quality of service available in the industry. If you've never tried us before and experienced our immediate communication technique we would like to show you the difference just this one change can make to your closings. Give us a call today to learn more.


Complete Organization -  Everything that comes into Seashore is documented, indexed, and catalogued within your file in our management system. There is never any guessing about where things are or lost documents. Our Complete Organization system simply eliminates the clutter that plague many title companies and can delay closings. Even better, because of our Complete Organization system we know if we are missing something on a constant and ongoing basis which allows us to be proactive about getting what we need on the timeline we need it. No more rush before closing when your title company "just discovered" they were missing something. Our system allows us to know constantly and from the start what we are missing to close and what we need to get by what deadline in order to ensure success each and every time. Most importantly you will never find out about another closing delay late in the process or unexpectedly again.

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