Wire Fraud

Please be advised that email hacking, spoofing, and fraud are on the rise to fraudulently misdirect funds sent by wire transfer. Cybercriminals are sophisticated and can hack email accounts and send convincing emails with fake wire instructions.
Due to the risk of wire fraud, we have implemented procedures to ensure the safe transfer of your funds sent via wire transfer:

• Upon your request, we will provide wiring instructions via email (either via a secured email or a password protected pdf attachment).

• ALWAYS DOUBLE-CHECK THE ACCURACY OF EMAILED WIRING INSTRUCTIONS BY INDEPENDENTLY CONFIRMING THE INSTRUCTIONS WITH YOUR CONTACT AT SEASHORE TITLE VIA TELEPHONE OR IN PERSON. If verifying wire instructions by telephone, please call your escrow officer using contact information found from an independent source, such as the sales contract, your real estate agent or internet, to verify any wire instructions received.

Seashore Title & Settlements, Inc. will never alter our wiring instructions leading up to settlement. We are not responsible for any wires sent by you to an incorrect bank account.