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Seashore Title & Settlements is a one stop real estate service provider. Closing on a piece of property is where the real fun begins. The contract is signed, and it’s time to make the deal happen.

That’s where the professionals at Seashore Title & Settlements come in. With a full array of real estate closing services, it is our job to pull together the documents, records, and forms you need, to make your real estate transaction happen as smoothly and as professionally as possible.

A few of the services we offer buyers, sellers, loan officers and real estate agents include:

Our Services

Settlement Services


Seashore Title clients can trust our process, from start to finish.

We follow ALTA guidelines for processing and handling all closing, escrow, and post­ closing issues.

In accordance with ALTA Best Practices, we do not disburse until the title has been updated and all recordings have been confirmed, to ensure that there are no new title matters for the new or any future buyers. The closing and escrow agents at Seashore Title handle all the vital documents, including lender packages, Deeds of Bargain & Sale, Deeds of Trust, deposits, wires, earnest money deposits, closing cost payments, commission payments, and invoice payments.

We process these payments and disbursements, and then either mail, overnight delivery, or have checks available for pickup, often within 12 hours of settlement. Buyers, Sellers, Real estate agents and lenders alike, depend upon the integrity and expertise of Seashore Title and Settlements team and can look forward to a flawless and worry-free transaction.

Here’s what the professionals at Seashore Title & Settlements do for you:

For realtors in particular it’s important to note that Seashore Title has also built a reputation for disbursing checks as quickly as possible. When we’re in control of the finances of a closing, we insure everyone receives payment promptly.

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